Effective Study Methods for Students with ADHD

June 10, 2021

ADHD or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a very common mental health issue, which can impact school success. Learning to cope can help you achieve your school goals.

Students with ADHD can lose focus, making studying challenging. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on subjects that you find interesting, while difficult to maintain attention on more tedious ones. This can lead to procrastination and challenges with school success. This is especially difficult when everyone’s schooling has been upended by a global pandemic.

Study In Sections

Large tasks like papers or projects can be overwhelming, and lead to further procrastination. In order to combat this and have an effective study method, we suggest setting a timer for short intervals of study and breaks. The “Pomodoro method” is a great example of this! It involves setting short timers for uninterrupted work (typically 25 minutes or so). Then taking short breaks in between each set. This allows you to focus for short periods while getting a healthy amount of breaks too.

Break Things Up Into Parts

Breaking down tasks into smaller tasks not only makes them easier to conceptualize, but it also makes it easier to complete; giving you that good feeling of accomplishment every time you complete a task. This can turn a tedious study time into a successful study session.

Turn Your Notes Into Art 

Tricking your brain into enjoying your notes can be the best study method out there. By taking a bit more time on your notes, and color-coding them, drawing in them, or otherwise making them more interesting, will help keep you invested in them. Being invested in your notes makes it more likely that you will remember them.

Work With Your Brain Not Against It 

You know yourself best, and you know what your brain likes and what it doesn’t. Taking yourself into consideration when planning your studies will help you get the most success.

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