Depression counseling can help you understand your feelings of hopelessness or being stuck so that you can better manage your depression.

What Depression Looks Like

It’s not always easy keeping up with the demands of daily life, between school, work, family and finances. With our busy lives, we sometimes forget about the importance of our own peace and contentment. Depression goes beyond the occasional feelings of sadness that we all experience as a part of life. Having depression could cause you to have a lethargic mood during most of the day, a loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilts, and a lack of concentration. When those feelings intensify and prevent you from functioning normally, you might need some additional help managing it all. 

How Eugene Therapy Can Help

At Eugene Therapy, we believe there is no magic cure or magic pill for depression. Sometimes medication can help, and we do offer psychiatric prescribing services at Eugene Therapy. But ultimately the key to managing depression is learning over time how to love oneself, be kind to oneself and honor the wise and authentic self within that brings lasting change. Eugene Therapy has therapists who specialize in depression counseling. We can help you find the causes of your feelings and how to treat them properly.

If you would like to speak with a therapist who treats Depression in Eugene, please request an appointment.