Hadass Kantorowicz

Hadass Kantorowicz

Graduate intern

Areas of Focus

Hadass views therapy as a co-collaborative process for change, working with her clients to help them explore the areas of life most relevant to them. She believes every human being has the potential to thrive and find meaningful fulfillment in every area of their life, personal, professional, and relational.

Along the way, she is a support in helping others identify and deepen areas of personal strength as they move towards making changes to bring about the desired results. Overall her approach is welcoming, integrative, and based on an Emotion-Focused informed model: together a shared space is created as an opportunity to explore emotions, challenges, desires, and relevant strategies for change.

Hadass aims to always create a warm, safe and non-judgmental environment to fully support her clients.

Outside of the office, Hadass enjoys exploring nature, creativity and the beauty life has to bring. On her list of favorites are exploring versatile downtempo music, expressive movement, and outdoor nature adventures on lakes and rivers with her trusty dog, Zuri.


  • MS, Couples and Family Therapy, University of Oregon (Expected 2021)
  • Life and Relational “ Bryan Franklin” Coaching Program
  • Reidman International College for Integrative Medicine, Body-Oriented Holistic Psychotherapy