Jenna Crawford

Jenna Crawford


Areas of Focus

Jenna Crawford works on a ‘private pay’ basis, which allows you to avoid the hassle of having to use your insurance, or are uninsured and would like someone with more experience than our interns.

Private pay therapists at Eugene Therapy are pre-licensed, working on clinical hours towards licensure, and have completed their Master’s degree in counseling from an accredited graduate program.

Jenna is a relational and individual therapist who offers a client-centered approach to adults and teens. She views therapy as an opportunity to collaboratively explore the fundamental aspects of a person’s life. Jenna maintains the belief that the therapeutic relationship is foundational to creating a safe space for growth, change and healing. Approaching therapy from systemic thinking, she views all all behavior and coping to make sense in the context that was, or is being developed. Jenna seeks to support clients as they explore their inner wisdom and resources, and to honor clients as the expert in their experience.

In sessions, Jenna operates from empowerment and trauma-informed lens. She utilizes a non-pathologizing integrated model that largely includes theories from narrative therapy, internal family systems (IFS) and emotion focused therapy (EFT). Additionally, she is able to incorporate body-based approaches, such as yoga and mindful movement. Jenna believes that movement can be helpful when words do not express the full experience, particularly when it includes trauma and trauma healing. Jenna is nuanced in navigating the range of experiences and emotions people bring to therapy. She also appreciates investigating curiosities and celebrating triumphs along the way.

Outside of the therapy process, Jenna thoroughly enjoys playing with and snuggling up to her pets. She is also fulfilled by spending time in nature, participating in social justice and being in the company of her partner, friends and family.

Certifications & Affiliations

  • Registered MFT Intern, State of Oregon


  • MS, Couples & Family Therapy, University of Oregon
  • MEd, University of Oregon
  • BS, Oregon State