Lise Verhoogen Odden


Areas of Focus

Lise Odden is a Licensed Professional Counselor with an MS is counseling from Oregon State University.

Her approach to therapy is integrative and collaborative, tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual client. Underlying all of her work is a person-centered focus on building genuine, non-judgmental and supportive relationships with every client. Lise believes that when people feel truly seen and accepted, they are willing to take the emotional risks that can lead to positive changes in their lives.

Lise has a holistic view of mental health; one that recognizes mind and body function together, not separately. She sees movement, sleep, nutrition, social connection, and a sense of meaning/purpose as directly tied to mental health. She strives to help clients explore and work through the difficult emotions and experiences that are causing them pain and distress. At the same time, Lise encourages clients to remember and embrace the things that help them feel well.

Lise has skills in the use of several different therapeutic strategies including CBT/DBT, mindfulness, self-compassion, wellness and recovery planning, and EMDR. She finds it particularly rewarding to serve clients who are survivors of trauma and adverse childhood experiences. She also embraces opportunities to serve people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

In her spare time, Lise enjoys hiking, camping, reading novels, trying out new recipes and playing with her child and two dogs. She is a transplant to Oregon but loves it here and never plans on leaving.

Certifications & Affiliations

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) – Oregon


  • MS, Counseling, Oregon State University.
  • MA, San Francisco State University
  • BA, Williams College, MA