Eugene Therapy provides grief and loss support to those who have experienced significant loss.

Loss caused by death, end of relationships, physical or emotional trauma, chronic pain, or onset of illness or injury can all result in tremendous grief and emotional pain. These losses have the potential to elicit existential difficulties such as lack of control and reduced predictability about life. Such changes may diminish the person’s well being, hope for the future and ability to cope.

Dealing with loss and grief refers to an individual experience and some central aspects of grief processing and grief work incorporate issues such as expressing grief, gaining an awareness of the loss, retaining and sustaining some ties to what is lost, acknowledgment through new insights and an adjustment to the new life situation.

Eugene Therapy provides grief therapy and counseling that is effective in reducing depression, anxiety and even physical symptoms like pain. Grief survivors may also benefit from approaches where cognitive, emotional and behavioral components are highlighted.

All of our therapists have experience in treating the symptoms of grieving that result from emotional and physical loss.

If you are dealing with grief, Eugene Therapy can help and provide grief and loss support. To schedule a session with one of our providers, please request an appointment.