Three Ways to Stay Motivated During Therapy

January 24, 2020

Anyone who’s ever tried to make or break a habit can tell you that changing behavior is hard. Changing your thoughts is even more challenging, but both are possible. That’s what psychotherapy is all about: helping you to practice self acceptance in order to facilitate the lasting change you’re looking for.

The end result is one we all want, but staying motivated to get there can be hard. If you’re struggling to stay motivated through treatment, make sure you ask your therapist for ideas on how you can keep focused. In the meantime, here are just two ideas that may help.

Make a Gratitude List

Making a list of things you’re grateful for can remind you of why you started therapy in the first place. Take a look at your list when you need an extra boost. It can help you to refocus on the things that are most important in your life and create some of the positive energy you need to stay motivated.

Set Goals

As well as remembering the things that bring you joy, it’s important that you and your therapist work together to set goals that will move you forward on the path to mental health. Having a clear idea of what you’re working towards gives you focus, and being able to celebrate each step you accomplish helps you to stay motivated and hopeful throughout the process of growth.

Normalizing the ‘Stuck’ Place

The therapy relationship is a microcosm for life. It’s predictable that at times you will feel stuck, disappointed, even angry or upset. These are completely normal feelings that are great things to share with your therapist. In fact, treatment can often be accelerated by confronting negative thoughts and emotions in and even about, the therapeutic process.

If you’re already participating in counseling, ask your therapist for other ideas on how you can stay motivated as you work to make lasting change to troubling thoughts and behaviors. Your therapist is an excellent resource and can encourage you on the journey to better mental health.

If you feel that mental health counseling could be helpful for you, but don’t know where to start, contact our office to learn more. Our counselors and therapists are dedicated to helping people improve their lives through increased mental wellness, and they have the training and tools to help you change your thoughts and behaviors for the better.

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