Tips for Spending Thanksgiving Alone

November 19, 2019

Spending holidays alone can be hard, and trying to recreate a big family Thanksgiving when you’re on your own can feel more discouraging than festive. But the truth is, there are ways you can enjoy your holiday, even if you’ll be spending it solo.


You may have fun meeting people at the local soup kitchen, cuddling animals at a shelter, or putting together a basket of items to donate. Helping others is a great way to boost your mood and keep busy, plus you’ll end up with a unique Thanksgiving memory that you can look back on in years to come.


If you’re spending Thanksgiving alone because you’re far away from family and friends, make arrangements to Skype or FaceTime with them. Connecting with loved ones—even remotely—can help you to feel less lonely and strengthen your relationships.


Spending a holiday alone is the ideal time to catch up on your Z’s. If you don’t have big plans, take advantage of the rare opportunity to relax and doze. You don’t even have to change out of your pajamas if you don’t want to!


Making something with your hands can be soothing, and a Thanksgiving day alone means you have time to do exactly that. Work on a fun project that’s been sitting in the garage for a while, or sit down to a puzzle or craft while you watch a favorite show on TV.


It’s a key component of any Thanksgiving, and you don’t have to skimp just because you aren’t sharing a meal with others. Make a favorite dish at home, treat yourself to a nice meal out, or splurge on a yummy treat.

Spending Thanksgiving alone doesn’t have to be lonely. It can be memorable, relaxing, and fun. If you know you’ll be spending the holiday alone, planning ahead so you have some activities to look forward to can make all the difference. You may enjoy it more than you expect!

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