Cara Chapman

Cara Chapman


Areas of Focus

Cara provides psychiatric assessments and ongoing treatment for patients with mental health conditions ranging from anxiety and depressions to OCD and bipolar illness.

She is a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with an extensive background in the treatment of mental health conditions.

While Cara is able to prescribe psychiatric medication, she is also an experienced psychotherapist who believes that most of her patients hunger for deeper, more person-centered psychiatric treatment than managed-care and medication alone can provide. To that end, she spends meaningful time with her patients and believes that with the right support and intervention, clients and their families can make positive, healthy choices that result in consistent, stable moods — the hallmark of mental wellness.

As both a psychiatric prescriber and a psychotherapist, Cara is dedicated to the idea that medication is most effective when it is considered as an adjunct to psychotherapy or counseling. She strongly recommends (and is able to provide) individual or family counseling for any patient who is also taking any psychiatric medication.

Certifications & affiliations

  • ANCC Board Certified
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner


  • MS, Rivier College, New Hampshire
  • BSN, Carlow College, Pennsylvania