13 Hacks To Have Happy Relationships At Work And At Home

June 1, 2014

Relationships are a key part of our life and the quality of our relationships decides a lot of things for us. But in spite of our best intentions, we often find it difficult to manage our relationships – both on professional and personal fronts. But the good news is managing relationships and keeping other people happy should not be as difficult as they seem to be. You just need to keep a few things in mind and all of us can nurture happy and harmonious relationships. Here are 13 relationship hacks that can really come in handy – so check them out.

Say thank you

One of the best ways to make people feel good and maintain a good relationship with them is by letting them know how grateful you are for what they do. This rule works wonders for you, both at home and also at work. So feel free to do it as much as you can and be sincere about it.

Smile often

Smiling is an act that makes everyone feel good – the one who smiles and the one who is smiled at. Wearing a smile more often will keep you more connected with people and make them feel happy. So don’t be shy and wear that curved line often to straighten up things in life.

Be honest and have integrity

One of the best ways to have better relationships is to focus on your honesty and integrity. These qualities are always appreciated by people, both in personal and professional spheres.

Talk in a friendly tone

While talking to people, let your voice show the friendliness you feel towards them instead of an impersonal, crisp tone we often get to hear at office. It can really work wonders as people will be more willing to listen to you.

Call people by their first names

If you address people by their names, it makes them feel good. We often do this in our personal life, but we forget to follow this approach when talking to people at work. So go ahead and use this hack. You will soon witness the change it brings.

Be generous with compliments

Being generous with compliments is surely a shortcut that can lead you to people’s heart quite easily. However, it comes with a very important clause – you must be genuine in your compliments. If you care to observe people and shower them with genuine compliments, it can really help your relationships blossom.

Be compassionate

Compassion is a quality that can help you get close to people. When you are compassionate, you understand what people are going through and this connects you at a deeper level.

Let go of criticism

Criticizing people does not do any good, neither to the person you are criticizing nor to your relationship with him. It only adds bitterness in every possible way – so let go of it.

Don’t be judgmental

Judging people for what they say and do often seems the right thing to do, but it is not really much helpful. We usually judge people based on our perception of these people, but that still does not define their character. People may have their own reasons for doing what they did. So it will be better to let go of your judgmental attitude.

Express love often

What better way to make your relationships flourish than telling the people you love that you love them? Do it as often as you can and see how they respond. It is almost magical and sweetens your relationships.

Accept your mistakes and apologize

When you know you have made a mistake, it is best to own up to it and accept it graciously. Apologize if you are at fault. Accepting your mistakes and asking forgiveness reflect your strength of character and honesty.

Practice forgiveness

We are all humans and nobody is perfect. So make allowance for the people around you and forgive them for their mistakes. Forgiving people will put you on an amicable footing, improve your relationships with them and make you a happier person.

Stick to your commitments

Be it your friends, spouse or colleagues, sticking to your commitments and promises is a good way to show your sincerity. This will also impact your relationships with them positively.

So, go ahead and try these hacks in your life to make relationships happier, healthier, and harmonious.

Reprinted from Lifehacker.

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