Binders, backpacks and buses – Back to School again!

September 2, 2015

As kids, teens and college students head back to school this fall, here are some tips to help remain healthy and happy!

Make healthy a habit
-You can be your best self when your body is in good shape. Eating balanced meals gives your body nutrition so that it can function properly which is important because you are busy! Having enough veggies, grains and knowing when to say no to sweets will give your body energy for the things that need to be accomplished. Getting adequate sleep (8-10 hours per night) is also a healthy habit to create during the school year so that your energy remains high throughout the day. Sleep deprivation can have negative effects, so resting your body and mind will make your days of class more manageable. And lastly, getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day will leave your body feeling healthy and happy.

Limit screen time
-In our modern world, it is so easy to spend dinner in front of the TV or for everyone to be on social media on their smart phone. Of course some studying includes the internet, but allocating time for yourself or for others to spend quality time together without any digital distractions is important. Especially for younger kids, time without technology allows them to create social bonds. Creating time limits for digital devices can help encourage this necessity. In general, spending time with others or simply taking a breather from the constant feed of information can give your help rejuvenate your mind and body, giving it the breaks that it needs!

Stay positive
-You are only human. You will make mistakes no matter what. It is important to learn from these mistakes and to be your own biggest cheerleader, more than being your hardest critic. From classes to managing kids’ schedules, things will be busy and hard sometimes, but that does not mean that they are impossible. Get to know yourself and try allocating your time to the priorities in life if this is seeming difficult.

Get excited!
-This is a new school year where anything is possible. It only takes one day to make a change, why not start today? Change helps us learn and grow, and make a better tomorrow for ourselves. Take a second and write down two things that you are looking forward to within the next year. Do these events inspire you? Let them be reminders that tomorrow (or the year) has something to offer and you can create a wonderful life for yourself starting today.

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