Boredom Busters for Young Children in Lockdown

June 1, 2020

While stay home and lockdown orders are being gradually relaxed across the country, experts are still advising people to stay home as much as possible and maintain appropriate social distancing. But if you’ve already been quarantined with your kids for weeks, that might feel impossible. Here are a few boredom busters you can try to keep young children busy in lockdown.

Hide and seek

A traditional favorite that even provides you with a few seconds of peace and quiet while you count or wait for your child to find you.


Kids love acting out their favorite animals and characters, so encourage them to play-act while you guess what they are.

Dance party

Turn on some tunes and let the kids burn off a little energy with a dance party.


Turn on the lights or a song and tell your kids that as soon as the lights go out (or the music stops) they have to freeze in place. You can even make funny faces at them while they’re frozen to try to get them to move before you turn on the lights or music again.

Blindfold Guessing

Tie a bandanna over your child’s eyes, spin them around, and then lead them around the house or yard. When you stop, have them guess where they are before they take off the blindfold.

Six Foot Tag

Help kids understand appropriate social distance by tweaking the game of tag. Grab a piece of string or jump rope that’s approximately 6 feet long and have them tag that instead of touching you.

It takes some creativity to keep kids entertained while they’re stuck at home, but with a few different games and ideas you can keep boredom at bay and build your relationship with your child through playful activities and fun interaction.

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