Channeling Motivation

September 7, 2017

Whether your goal today is to complete a small task like doing your laundry or something larger, such as taking a step towards a new career plan, every goal matters and takes motivation. Motivation levels change from day to day, but there are a few steps you can consciously take to keep them high. Here are a few strategies to keep you committed to your plan, and get you one more check mark on your To Do List – which is a great feeling in our opinion!

Don’t Hit Snooze

If your plans require you to wake up early, get more rest by skipping snooze. When your alarm goes off, your sleep cycle is interrupted and it will take at least an hour to get back into the rejuvenating state of sleep known as REM. So the extra sleep you think you’re giving yourself in the morning will not really be contributing to your body’s rest.

Boost Your Self Control

The action of publicly committing to your goal can go a long way according to Elliot Berkman, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. It’s not unusual to go easy on ourselves when it comes to completing a daunting task, but our social need to be successful plays a powerful role in keeping us on track. This may take shape in many ways, from telling your peers your plans to finding someone to join you. Accomplishments are more fun when you have someone to celebrate with anyway, right?

Ask, “Why is this goal valuable to me?”

Procrastination is rooted in the feeling that the task at hand is less valuable than other tasks you can distract yourself with. Maybe writing that term paper feels like a waste of time when you could be catching up on your favorite TV show, but reframing the importance of the first task can make it seem more worth it. When you determine why the task is important to you – completing the paper leads to passing the class and getting your degree – you can increase your motivation to complete it.

Be Proud of What You Do Get Done

Okay, so today may have been a low-motivation day. Don’t let that detour you from the goals at hand. Some days are less productive than others but recognizing the progress that you did make is important, even if that progress feels minimal in the grand scheme of things.

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