Establishing a Mindfulness Routine during COVID-19

May 25, 2020

Incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine can help reduce stress and anxiety, keep you centered, and help you focus on the here and now—and never has that been more important than during the current global pandemic. Here are some simple ideas to help you incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

At Any Moment

Deep Breathing — We take countless breaths each day, but we rarely think about. Take a few minutes to draw in a deep breath through your nose, then slowly release it through your mouth.

At Mealtimes

Mindful eating — Choose a meal or snack each day and focus on it exclusively as you eat. Enjoy the colors, flavors, and textures of your food.

At Play Time

Blow Bubbles – Take a few minutes to be a kid again and blow a few bubbles. Watch their shapes and the way the light bounces off of them.

Color – Grab some pencils, crayons, or markers and fill in a coloring page. Listen to the sound of your coloring instrument on the paper, savor the colors, and notice the designs.

Listen to Music – Play a soothing song and listen to it without doing anything else. Focus on the lyrics, a particular instrument, or the shape of the song.

Establishing a mindfulness routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose activities that work for you, and customize your mindfulness routine to fit your needs and lifestyle. By practicing mindfulness, even for just a few minutes a day, you’ll increase your sense of well-being and find that you’re better able to enjoy each moment as it comes.

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