Five Ways to Show Self-Love

February 18, 2020

Your relationship with yourself is just like any other relationship: It requires commitment, time, and effort. It’s important not to neglect your relationship with yourself. If nurturing yourself doesn’t come naturally, try these five ways you can practice self-care and give yourself some love.

Replace criticism and comparison with acceptance and appreciation.

Try to be aware of when you begin to criticize or compare yourself to others. When those thoughts come, stop and think of something you like about yourself, or simply repeat a self-love mantra such as, “I am enough. I love and respect myself.”

Communicate with yourself in kind and positive ways.

Self-talk has a big impact on how you feel about yourself. Ask yourself how you would communicate with someone you love, care about, and admire, and then try to incorporate that communication style into your internal dialogue.

Show respect for yourself by setting boundaries and prioritizing your needs.

While helping others is a good thing, the demands of family, work, school, friends, and others can become overwhelming. Practice saying no sometimes so you can avoid putting yourself under too much pressure. And try not to feel guilty about it: you can’t take care of others unless you also take care of yourself.

Spend quality time with yourself.

Every relationship benefits from quality time. Learn to appreciate your own company by taking time to do things that feel good and make you happy. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby, meditating, going for a hike, or taking yourself out to the movies, spend time with yourself doing the things you enjoy.

Develop trust in yourself by honoring your commitments.

How would you feel if someone consistently broke their word to you or downplayed your needs? Doing this damages relationships—including your relationship with yourself. Whatever commitments you make to show self-love, make sure you honor them and make them a priority.

These five ways to show self-love can help you to develop greater confidence and self-esteem, help you to be happier, and even improve your relationships with others. Remember, there’s only one of you, so treat yourself right.

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