Overcoming Self Doubt

September 15, 2022

When confronted with new or challenging situations, it is normal to experience feelings of doubt. When self-doubt becomes debilitating for us, we may need more tools to overcome it. Here we have listed some ways to help combat self-doubt!

Practice Self-Compassion

We are all human, and doubt can prevent us from taking risks in our careers or in other aspects of our lives. By being kind to ourselves, regardless of the outcome, we mitigate self-doubt and fear of failure.

Try to Not Compare Yourself to Others

Comparison is often said to steal joy, and this statement rings true in many ways. It can be paralyzing to experience doubt because you want to compare yourself to others. Success and the journey to it are different for everyone. We are in control of our own paths and can focus on where we want to go, regardless of where others are or what they have done.

Identify Your Values

Consider your values and what matters most to you. Your kindness, your friendliness, or your contributions to something meaningful could be attributed to the way you live your life. The fear of criticism from others disappears once we recognize these values.

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