4 Ideas for Summertime Self-Care

July 22, 2020

It’s important to your mental health that you practice self-care year-round. Whether you’ve already developed a self-care routine or have never really thought about it, summertime, with its warm weather and flexible schedules, offers some great opportunities to try new ways to love yourself.

Spend Time Outdoors

Take a look at your daily activities and see if there are any you could transfer to the great outdoors. Try a picnic in the backyard, or barbecue instead of having dinner in front of the TV. Read in a lawn chair outside instead of on the couch. Getting some fresh air and sunshine can increase your energy and give you a new perspective on everyday activities.

Do a Late Spring Cleaning

Everyone knows about spring cleaning—but organization can happen in the summer too. Pick a small area such as a drawer, closet, the top of your desk, or a flowerbed, and focus on getting it spick-and-span. Having a clean and tidy space can give you a sense of control and bring feelings of satisfaction.

Practice a Creative Outlet

Turn your favorite creative outlet into a daily habit by setting aside a few minutes each day to write, doodle, or whatever it is that allows you to express yourself. Or choose a new activity to try this summer. You could make small changes, such as trying out acrylic when you normally do watercolor, or go for something bigger, like trying your hand at clay creations when you normally write or crochet. Engaging in something you love or trying something new are both great methods of self-care.

Reconnect with Someone

With social distancing, this summer might feel a little lonely. Maybe you can’t get together with friends as often as you’d like, or your family vacation isn’t going to happen. Relationships are key to self-care, so make a point of reaching out to the people you care about and setting up a socially distant lunch or Skype date.

Self-care is all about nurturing yourself and keeping yourself healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Everybody should practice taking good care of themselves, so make it a goal this summer to try something that helps you to love yourself better.

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