Spring Cleaning for your Mind

April 13, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips for You

  • Spring is a time of renewal, so this is a wonderful time to slow down and take a look at what we are grateful for as well as what we would like to change. If your relationship has been dragging or feeling listless, take the springtime as an opportunity to re-connect and re-invest in doing fun things together. Maybe make dates to spend time hiking or biking together as a means of increasing your most intimate connections while doing something fun. You deserve it and so does your relationship!

  • This is a good time to re-evaluate the social connections in your life. Are you investing time and energy in relationships that keep you happy and healthy, or are you holding on to relationships that bring you down? The people in your life have a significant impact on your well being, and it’s never too late to make important changes.

  • Replace a bad habit with a good one. Kicking that one bad habit once and for all can be a challenge, so try setting small goals first and work your way up. If you got in the bad habit of spending all Winter inside on the cozy couch, get up and go outside for a nice Spring walk one day a week instead.

  • Should you consider cutting ties with people who bring negativity into your life? Maybe. As a last resort, it is sometimes best to resist the temptation to focus on trying to change other people’s toxic behaviors. Perhaps though, it is better to think of this as focusing on who is supporting you rather than cutting ties with those who are not. Either way, cutting ties with negative people in your life will give you more opportunities to spend time with the people who are positive influences.

  • Clear out the cobwebs in your thinking. Don’t ignore the damage negative self-talk can have on your self-esteem. Really look at the self-criticisms you are allowing to live in the corners of your brain and be willing to evaluate those thoughts using evidence "for" and "against." Then you can either rewrite the belief into something more positive based on logical evidence or possibly swipe it away from the corner with a broom if it really does not apply to you.

  • Clean up your Facebook friend list. We all have those certain people on our friend list who use Facebook to complain or just give out negative vibes. Use Spring as the opportunity to take these people off your page and enjoy the positive posts from friends who aren’t abusing Facebook.

  • While you’re spring cleaning different areas of your life, consider organizing your home as well. Research shows that a cleaner home can lead to better overall mental and physical health. Organizing things in your home will help create a more comfortable and fresh atmosphere, and keep chaos from knocking on your door.

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