Staying Connected During Social Distancing

April 9, 2020

Social distancing is an important way to protect ourselves and others physically, but it can come at the cost of feeling isolated and emotionally distant. We all need each other, especially during difficult times, so it’s important to continue staying connected with others even while social distancing measures are in place. Here are a few ideas to help you reach out and experience that needed sense of community and companionship during the state-wide Stay Home order.

Text, Phone, and Video Calls – Technology gives us all kinds of ways to chat with one another at a distance. Make a point of reaching out to someone each day with a quick text, phone, or video call.

Snail Mail– Now may be the perfect time to break out pen and paper and write an old-fashioned letter. Younger family members can participate by contributing artwork.

Social Media – It’s easy to get sucked into social media, so set aside just a few minutes each day to scroll through the posts of people you care about and leave a few comments.

Reconnect with Family at Home – You probably have a spouse, kiddo, or roommate that you’re sharing space with. Cook dinner together, play a board game, or plan some other fun activity that will allow you to relax and spend time with each other.

Attend a Virtual Class or Event – Just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new or have fun. Use online tools to engage in something fun or educational and create great memories at the same time.

Volunteer– There are plenty of ways to volunteer from a distance. Try making something at home that you can donate to a hospital or shelter, or join a group that writes to people who need an extra boost.

Host a Virtual Movie Night or Book Club – Even if you can’t get together physically, make plans with friends to read the same book or watch the same movie, then do it together over a video chat program.

Join an Online Community– If you’re craving connection, try joining an online group of people who have something in common with you, and share your experiences, advice, and hobbies.

Connect with Yourself – You have some time on your hands, so use it to pursue some of the things that make you happy. Self-care can make a huge difference in how you feel!

Staying connected is crucial to your mental and emotional health. While social distancing limits some forms of communication, there are still many safe and responsible ways to connect with others and nurture your relationships during this time of crisis.

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