Tips for new parents

April 2, 2014

Here are some helpful tips for new parents:

Take sleeping shifts. Your new baby will keep both of you up at night, so take turns getting up with him/her. It’s not fair for one of you to do all the work since you both brought him/her into the world, so you should work together. Even if one of you works full time and the other stays home with him/her, you’re both human and both need sleep, but you’re also parents, so working together will help keep you from becoming resentful.

Take advantage of your time when your baby is sleeping. When he/she is sleeping this is your time to tackle dishes, laundry, watch your show, or even get some extra shut eye. Don’t worry about the housework: While dishes and laundry are important chores to get done, caring for your new baby, and spending time with him/her is more important. Those chores can wait until he/she is napping.

Take care of yourself. You can’t live on caffeine! Make sure you’re getting plenty of healthy foods in your diet so you are physically and psychologically able to care of your new baby. Having a healthy diet will help keep you in a good mood and help you to take better care of your new baby.

Take time for each other. Having a baby will change your life in many ways, one way is taking time away from each other. You’ll be very tired and want to spend your free time napping or taking care of things around the house, but don’t forget to spend time with each other. Communicate about your experience/thoughts on having your new baby, good and bad!

Baby¬≠proof your house and yourself. This seems like a "no ¬≠brainer" but when you’re excited to bring your new baby home you probably aren’t thinking about what’s laying around your house. Put a lock on the cupboards with cleaning supplies like bleach or windex because when he/she learns to crawl he/she will also be curious about what’s behind those cupboards doors. Put breakables out of sight. If you have your grandparents glassware, it would probably be a good idea to switch to plastic for the time being.

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