Your Psychological Well Being

November 2, 2015

Your psychological well-being is so much more than a diagnosis. It is dependent on multiple factors that derive from your daily habits. The way you treat your mind and body have massive effects on your overall health. To combat the winter blues, try these things to get a little boost of energy during the winter months and to take care of yourself:

-Exercise and eat well
Getting even thirty minutes of exercise a day will release endorphins and make you feel a little better when skies are gray. Working out helps relieve stress, maintain cognitive function, alleviate anxiety and increase productivity or relaxation. Alongside a balanced diet, exercise can help you remain healthy during the months when it is easiest to stay inside and become inactive. Certain foods even contain certain nutrients that help promote healthy functioning of your brain!

-Open up to someone
Wintertime means that more people are staying inside to escape the cold weather, which might mean that people experience less social activity during this season. We as humans are social beings and require at least a minimal level of social interaction. When you go out, make it a point to stop and talk to someone, friend or stranger. Open up to someone. Staying inside can feel lonely, and if you spend time interacting with others, those feelings of loneliness won’t dominate your thoughts.

-Go to bed on-time
Your mom might have been right, you really do need an adequate amount of sleep to function, and to also feel well both mentally and physically. With limited daylight in the coming months, it can be easy to stay up until 3am binge watching your favorite Netflix series in your bed. This kind of sleep deprivation can have a largely negative impact on your mental state. Reducing screen time and maintaining a semi-regular pattern of sleep will help your body and mind feel rested on a daily basis.

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