5 Tips For Beating The End of Winter Blues

April 28, 2022

In March and April, when the sun begins to play a mean game of hide-and-seek and spring is so close yet so far away, we can’t help but get our hopes up — and can’t help but feel disappointed when winter reminds us that it’s still alive and kicking. Here are five tips for beating the end-of-winter blues, and surviving these last few rain showers, cold mornings, and overcast days!


We know it can be hard to brave the windchill on a winter day, but it’s worth it — we promise! Going for a run, walk, or trip to the gym can boost your mood and your energy level by releasing endorphins and reducing stress hormones. Exercise even carries with it the added bonus of feeling more confident in your own skin when summer rolls around!

Maintain your relationships

Bad weather can tempt us to go into hibernation, avoiding social activities and friends. It may not feel like it at first, but isolation has a way of catching up to you and can eventually lead to feelings of sadness and depression. We suggest making an effort to nurture your friendships despite cold and rainy days.

Take advantage of sunny moments

They may be few and far between right now, but look at the bright side: they’re here nonetheless! Lack of sunlight can lead to melancholy moods, so if you’ve had your fill of winter weather and think might have a case of the rainy day blues, soak up the sun whenever you can. Even being exposed to the sun for just five minutes can make a difference!

Eat healthy foods

Shaking off the sugar cravings that have lingered since the holidays isn’t an easy task, but remember: Garbage in, garbage out. Junk foods might taste good, but they don’t do your body any favors. In addition to being devoid of nutrients, foods that are high in sugar can contribute to feelings of depression, lack of concentration, and the blues¬†

Keep a gratitude journal

If you’re having a hard time staying optimistic, keep track of the positive parts of your life by writing in a gratitude journal each night before you go to bed. Recalling people, places, values, and experiences that make you happy will help you to improve your outlook on life and, ultimately, your overall health.

We hope you find these tips useful! Even though this final stretch of winter might feel like the longest Monday ever, hang in there. May flowers are just around the corner, and you’ll be basking in the sun’s rays in no time!¬†

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