9 Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

November 9, 2014
  • Breathe deeply because it lets your nervous system know that it can chill out.

  • Slowly expose yourself to the things you’re afraid of, so they’re no longer unfamiliar to you.

  • Recognize when you’re succumbing to ‘misplaced’ anxiety, and let it go.

  • Spend time with your friends — social support reduces anxiety.

  • Exercise to protect yourself against the effects of stress, which include anxiety and fear.

  • Reframe anxiety as excitement so that you can devote more energy and resources to the situation.

  • Prevent yourself from always focusing on the negatives by looking at the big picture.

  • A few times every day, recognize that at this very moment you’re doing OK.

  • Realize that not everything is the end of the world; one way to do this is by consciously trivializing tasks.

For more check out this article: http://ow.ly/E225D

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