Adjusting to Life Post-Grad

June 20, 2018

Written by Emily Reich, M.S.

Graduating from high school, college, or graduate school is a significant accomplishment that deserves recognition and celebration! However, even positive advancements in life can bring about challenges. The following are some things to consider as you navigate these changes:

  1. Try to be present in each moment. When big things happen we can get caught up by a variety of things and can feel like the experience is just happening to us rather than truly living it. Focus on what is happening in the “now” and connecting your experiences to your emotions.

  2. Comparison is the thief of joy. It is tempting to look at what everyone else is doing and what all their future plans are and compare it to ours, but that can be harmful. Everyone has unique trajectories, plans, and access to those plans. Whether it’s comparing summer vacations on social media or post-grad jobs, internships, or advanced degrees, comparing leads us to looking outward rather than inward. Invest energy into your own plan and find gratitude, even if things are not ideal at the moment.

  3. The job hunt can be exciting, but can also be exhausting and can rattle your confidence. Don’t give up! Apply broadly and be open to where things take you. You could end up in your dream job, in the “stepping stone” job before your dream job, or somewhere else entirely. Try to trust the process.

  4. Changing roles can lead to changes in routine. Life as a student, intern, or employee can look very different from one another and can take some getting used to. Try to find a rhythm after the first few weeks and make time to engage in self-care and spend time with people you care about.

  5. Remember to be kind to yourself and seek support when you need it! Change is hard but it can be easier with help from friends, family, and loved ones.

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