How to make great friends out of the acquaintances you already have

March 23, 2014

Friendships are some of the most important relationships we can have. Here are 5 ways to deepen the acquaintances you already have:

1. Talk to him often. You can call, text, Facebook, just let him know that you’re interested in a friendship. He may not know how you feel, so show him!

2. Talk about things that interests your acquaintance. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so if you never let her have a chance to talk herself then you’ll never get to know her.

3. Invite him to hang out with some of your friends. By including your new friend in your friend group this tells him that you want to spend time tougher and are comfortable enough to socialize with him and your friends simultaneously.

4. Talk about more in-depth topics. If you always talk about the weather or other surface topics, you’ll never get to know each other. Be the first to open up and see where the relationship takes you.

5. Be reliable. Everyone likes reliable people! When making a new friend, it’s important to be reliable. If you make plans be sure to follow through because he/she may take it the wrong way if you cancel on him/her.

It can be awkward at first transforming an acquaintance into a full blown friendship, but that’s how many, if not all relationships are formed. It’s very much like growing your hair out, there is an awkward stage and then when it gets to the length you want it, it’s wonderful. Well forming friendships work in a similar way! So move through your fear; and get excited because something great will soon come out of this awkwardness.

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