How to Stop Feeling Stuck

December 17, 2020

We all have periods of our lives where we may feel stuck in a rut. Perhaps we are unsatisfied with our relationships or our work. Or we may be at a crossroad where we are unsure which direction to take things. This year especially, it’s normal to be feeling this way. The pandemic has stirred up a lot of difficult situations and completed changed our past routines. If you’re not sure how to make your next move (in whatever aspect of your life), here are our tips to help you stop feeling stuck and to begin making positive changes that will be the most beneficial to you.

Follow the Three R’s

Mindful’s Three R’s practice can be a great guide for how to shift direction when we are feeling stuck:


Before we can get ourselves unstuck from whatever is holding us back or stunting our progress, we first have to have a reflective moment. Take the time to recognize how you are currently feeling and why you may feel unsettled. Ask yourself why you want a change and how you might be able to make this change. Finding the source of our rut and having a clear vision of what we want to do differently is key.


Once you’ve recognized why you’re stuck and how you want to move forward, take a moment to release whatever tension you’re holding in your body. If you have built up fear or anxiety about creating a change, it’s best to try and release those feelings in whatever way helps you. Practice self-care that will relieve you of the stress you’re feeling about the situation. It’s normal to feel anxious and to recognize those feelings. However, there are ways we can try to self-soothe and become more at peace with where we’re at.


After finally making the conscious decision for creating change and working past our worries, we’ll be able to refocus our attention on where we go next. Refocus your attention on the positive outcomes that will occur with the change you’re seeking and how it will be beneficial for your mental health. Try to shift your perspective so that you have a positive outlook on this new change. And remember that it’s okay if you experience setbacks or if you need to try several different things, as long as your focus is solid and you are determined to persevere.

Make Small Changes

Getting yourself unstuck doesn’t mean that you have to make drastic changes all at once. It’s okay to take gradual steps. For example, if you’ve been feeling stuck, unmotivated or unproductive with your work, identify simple changes you can make to your routine to set yourself up for success. It could be as simple as implementing short breaks into your routine to get outside, changing up your workstation or giving yourself small incentives once a task is completed.

Let Your Purpose Guide You

If you’re not sure about your next direction, focus on finding your purpose and letting that guide you. Consider what truly brings you meaning in life and what motivates you. Explore your purpose and let it stick with you as you create change for yourself. We tend to be much more hopeful and receptive to change if we know it will bring us closer to the things that give us true meaning in life.

Seek Professional Support

Lastly, it’s perfectly okay if you need extra support. If self-motivation is difficult for you and you’re still unsure how to stop feeling stuck, seeing a therapist can help. Mental health professionals can listen to how you’re feeling without judgement. And they can provide helpful tools that can enable you to make positive change. You can schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate therapists at Eugene Therapy here.

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