Why Are Personal Relationships Important?

December 16, 2021

We often take it for granted how much personal relationships affect us and how they can change our lives for better or worse. Relationships are one of the most beautiful gifts in life because they give people a chance to love and be loved.

Importance of Personal Relationships

In a society where people are more connected than ever before, it can be harder to keep our relationships healthy. However, with the advent of social media and technology, people have easier access to communication with others. 

Relationships elongate lives.

study revealed that people who enjoy a healthy relationship with their partner live longer. These relationships can be platonic as well as romantic. There is a correlation between both types of relationships and the type of stress one deals with throughout life.

People who have a strong sense of belonging also live longer. They feel as if they are part of a supportive network which makes them more resilient to stress and other negative events that occur in life.

Relationships bring great joy.

Relationships are a cornerstone of happiness and living a full life. This is because they come with a wide array of rewards.

Relationships provide us with friends and family to share our lives with and people who can help us out in tough times. They tend to bring us plenty of laughs and as a result lots of joy. Relationships have been around since the beginning of time. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they have been the bedrock for many other things throughout histories such as family, community, and future goals.

Relationships provide support to get you through rough times.

Relationships provide support to get you through rough times. Having someone to help us through these struggles can make all the difference. Family and friends can be there for you and support you when other people cannot.

If we don’t have a strong support system behind us, it is important to find one. Seek out organizations who are trying to fight for causes you beleive in, or even social groups you find interesting. There are many ways to gain a group!

Relationships keep us from being lonely.

Relationships should be seen as a valuable investment. While we all need time to ourselves, we also require relationships and other forms of support to live a healthy and happy life.

Having alone time is a necessity, but lonlieness can be a painful experince. Relationships help with any loneliness or feelings of isolation that may come up in the process of being alone for extended periods of time. 

Relationships help us with relating to others.

Different aspects of life can be enriched through relationships. The more we understand how relationships work, the more we can grow from them.

The way we see, relate to and interact with others has a huge impact on our lives!

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