12 Mindful Journaling Prompts to Reflect on 2020

December 3, 2020

It’s safe to say that this year did not go how any of us had planned it would. 2020 has been a difficult year for many people, between the coronavirus pandemic, an economic downturn, racial injustices, widespread wildfires, and intense political polarization. Despite all of the hardships and uncertainty, many of us have had more time on our hands this year to reflect and focus on ourselves more. Before the year finally comes to an end and we head into 2021, we could all benefit from reflecting and setting intentions for the year ahead. Inspired by We’re Not Really Strangers prompts, here are 5 of our mindful journaling prompts that you can write about for the end of this year:

Reflecting on 2020

  1. What’s been the best and worst thing for my mental health this year? (Pay attention to when you’ve felt your best/worst.)
  2. What/who have I tolerated this year that I no longer have space for?
  3. What has my self-care looked like this year? (How did your spend your time taking care of yourself?)
  4. Who have I felt most supported and safe with? (Let them know how much you’ve appreciated them this year.)
  5. What is something that I accomplished this year that I’m proud of? (This can be big or small.)
  6. What can I be grateful for this year? (Take a moment to fully appreciate what you feel thankful for despite current circumstances.)

Looking Ahead to 2021

  1. How am I feeling about this upcoming year?
  2. How can I show up for myself in the new year? (Dig deep: What do you need to prioritize for your well being? What boundaries do you need to set?)
  3. Consider what you want to say “yes” to and what you want to say “no” to this year.
  4. What goal would most excite me to accomplish during this upcoming year? (Focus on setting SMART goals.)
  5. Which relationships do I want to nurture this year? (How can you prioritize quality time with your friends and family?)
  6. What am I looking forward to in the future? (It’s okay to be excited for what’s to come after difficult times.)

Journaling is a wonderful outlet to process our inner thoughts and feelings. We hope that these mindful journaling prompts help with your reflections on this past year and intention setting for the upcoming year.

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