Online Therapy Benefits: Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues in 2020

November 12, 2020

You’re sitting in a neatly decorated, yet comfortable room. As you sit on the couch you are talking for a while, with someone sat across from you giving a friendly smile and periodic nods to what you’re saying. There’s a box of tissues between you on a table in the case that you need them. This is how you may picture therapy to look like. However this stereotypical image is no longer the extent to which people can seek support for their mental health concerns. Today, there are many people discovering benefits of online therapy, as opposed to the traditional in-person therapy setting.

Online therapy has been growing in popularity in recent years. And it has seen an even greater influx of clients in 2020 due to the pandemic. It may be difficult to picture having a deeply personal conversation through a screen, sat in your own home and not a neutral office space. While online therapy doesn’t conjure up the same picture of how you might imagine your meeting with your therapist to go, it has proven to be another equally effective way to seek support. With more people using its services, it’s also slowly helping to destigmatize mental health issues.

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Online Therapy Benefits


Online therapy has the same structure as in-person therapy with a licensed clinician, except that it takes place virtually. It’s another effective way to address mental health concerns and seek support. One major benefit that online therapy offers is that it is flexible. People can access their therapist during times that work for them, in the comfort of their home. And they don’t have to worry about commuting anywhere or arranging child care to go to therapy.

Online therapy is safe (following strict HIPAA guidelines) and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. With online therapy, more people than ever are able to speak with mental health professionals about concerns, challenges, conflicts, and everyday thoughts they are experiencing.

Provides Support in 2020

Online therapy has provided a lot of relief to people this year. Millions of Americans have used these services to help cope with the collective issues impacting us in 2020, along with their own personal challenges. Many people are turning to their therapists to talk about the COVID pandemic, systemic racism, the economic recession, the 2020 election, and other prevalent issues. In a tense time like this, online therapy is providing much needed support.

Destigmatizes Mental Health Issues

A recent study conducted by Verywell of 1,000 Americans currently in online therapy found many positive responses about online therapy. One effect of online therapy is that it is helping to destigmatize seeking mental health support. The Verywell study found that of those in online therapy that they surveyed:

  • 74% of those surveyed openly share that they see a therapist
  • 89% agree that society would be better off if more people sought these services
  • 90% agreed that seeking out mental health services is a true sign of strength
  • 91% of people currently in online therapy agree that more people should try it
  • 92% express satisfaction with their overall online therapy experience and agree that therapy is helpful
  • Over a third of Americans plan on continuing to see their therapists online for at least six months

The unprecedented events of 2020 are chipping away at the stigma traditionally attached to mental health issues because the collective struggle everyone is facing is normalizing a need for mental health services. It seems that this year, much of the need for mental health support is outweighing the stigma. Online therapy has been a way for many people to receive support during this time. There seems to be a greater realization that online therapy is a powerful tool that we all can use to maintain better mental health.

Online Therapy With Eugene Therapy

Eugene Therapy offers online therapy for those seeking mental health support anywhere in Oregon. We offer the same great services by the same exceptional therapists you’ll find in our office, but now you can connect with your therapist whether you come into the office or not. If you would like someone to talk to about anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or any other mental health concerns, you can request an appointment with us today.

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