Don’t Sweep Self-Love Under the Rug

February 16, 2023

While many are fond of cleaning up their homes when spring rolls around, we’re a little fonder of the concept of cleaning up the mind, body, and spirit! Clean houses are wonderful, of course, but it’s also good to give yourself a little TLC — and a bit of credit — after surviving the dreary winter months. In addition to focusing on dusting window sills and organizing the attic, practice a little internal cleaning: the kind that focuses on internal growth, self-love, personal happiness, and strengthening the good friendships while weeding out the bad. Here are some great ways to spring clean your life: 

Pull some weeds.

We aren’t talking about the weeds in your garden (though you could probably pull them, too). The “weeds” in your life are people who don’t appreciate you for who you are. These are people who take you for granted instead of treating you well. It can be hard to move on from relationships, but don’t be afraid to walk away from those who take advantage of you or make you feel bad about yourself. If there is someone in your life who doesn’t seem to care about your well being or who is constantly putting you down, consider distancing yourself from them. At all times, you deserve to be surrounded by good people who truly value you as a person. 

Keep working on your New Year’s resolution.

How are you doing? If you’ve forgotten about your resolution, you’re not to blame — it’s not uncommon to make a resolution and then forget about it as time slips by. Nonetheless, this is a great time to check in with yourself and remember why you started your resolution in the first place. If you’re on track, reward yourself! You’ve made it farther than most, and that ‘s something to be proud of. And if you’ve neglected your resolution, now is the time to get back into the swing of things and follow through. You don’t have to give up. There are still plenty of months in the year, and you can do it!  

Dust off an old hobby.

What’s one thing that you used to do, but have forgotten about or don’t seem to find time for any more? Choose something that you enjoy doing and revitalize that aspect of your life. Maybe you stopped hosting dinner parties when winter came around; maybe the rain deterred you from your weekend hikes. Whatever it is that you used to enjoy doing, find time to fit it into your schedule. Practicing a hobby leads us to greater happiness, a sense of accomplishment, and even helps us learn new things that we wouldn’t have put our energy into learning otherwise.  

Clean out your emotional closet.

We touched on this one in our blog post, too — because it’s just that important! Emotional baggage can be exhausting. You may have heard that we all have “emotional bank accounts.” This concept, developed by Stephen Covey, suggests that we make emotional deposits and withdrawals. If we make too many withdrawals, our emotional bank account becomes negative, and as a result, we become negative, too. Don’t deplete your emotional bank account. Learn how to give some self-love and communicate that enough is enough.  

Polish your personality.

Choose one negative behavioral quality about yourself that you wish to improve and decide how you will improve this aspect of your personality. If you’re frequently late to appointments, reset your clocks so that they’re five minutes faster. If you have a tendency to nag your partner, ask him/her to help you be more conscious of the habit so that you can correct it. Choose a trait that you feel you can reasonably change, and one that you feel would improve who you are as a person. If you actively make an effort to improve, you might be surprised by the difference that you experience in your life! 

For more tips on spring cleaning your life, visit our blog page where we discuss re-defining core values, practicing self-love, and making positive life changes. Check back regularly for other helpful lifestyle and mental health advice! 

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