Therapy Benefits: 5 Ways Therapy Can Improve Your Life

April 22, 2021

Wondering if therapy is right for you? Seeking help from a mental health professional can sometimes feel like an intimidating process. You’re not alone in feeling this way.

However, you might consider starting therapy if you’re:

  • Dealing with an extended period of anxiety or depression
  • Coping with a major life transition
  • Facing a significant crisis
  • Dealing with complicated relationship or family dynamics
  • Trying to manage addiction or substance abuse
  • Wanting to make changes to improve your mental and emotional health

Therapy offers a broad array of benefits for all of us, regardless of the reason. One thing that may motivate you to take the first step is to know how therapy can truly improve your life. Here are 5 ways that going to therapy can benefit us:

1- You Get to Know Yourself Better

Therapy can help us understand ourselves better. A therapist will learn more about your background and listen to your concerns, so that they can provide helpful insight. During the process of therapy, we can better understand who we really are, what we value, why we have certain habits, and how we can best implement change. When we understand ourselves better, we will be more able to manage our mental health.

2- You Can Improve Your Relationships

Perhaps you’re having issues within your relationship or family that you want to address. Therapy can give us useful tools to strengthen our relationships. It can teach us how to identify unhelpful patterns, better address conflict, and communicate clearer. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help us work through relationship issues.

3- You Can Learn New Coping Skills

Another benefit to therapy is that it can help us better manage our mental health concerns by learning new ways to cope. A therapist can teach us new coping skills for anxiety, depression or other issues.

4- You Can Implement Healthy Changes

Therapy can also help us fix unhealthy patterns, like negative thinking or self-criticism. Once we identify more helpful coping strategies, we can then implement healthy changes that will benefit our mental health. Therapists can help encourage us to make these changes and explain how they might be beneficial to our overall wellbeing.

5- You Can Achieve New Goals

Lastly, therapy can help us achieve new goals. With the help of a therapist, we can make SMART goals that are based on our values. Goals can help us to monitor our progress and motivate us along our mental health journeys.

These are just some of many therapy benefits. At Eugene Therapy, our compassionate therapists are here to listen and provide helpful tools to manage your mental health concerns. We are currently offering online telehealth appointments for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and other mental health conditions. You can request an appointment with us today. 

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